Matthew Perosi
Matthew Perosi


Matthew is a true professionals in both the jewelry industry and website development/ecommerce. Because of this, he is BY FAR the most valuable resource for any independent jeweler that is serious about their website.

I'm truly thankful for his expertise and commitment to both his social followers and customers!

--Chase Ruzek
Precieux Art Jewelers

Matthew: I can't begin to thank you enough for helping us. Not only did I bother you about a situation that you had nothing to do with, but you took the time to listen, check out the website and then summarized what you figured out. I don't know if it's karma or not, but since I've talked to you we've had seven or eight orders and only 3 of them have been baby/child silverware!

We have not contacted Links to let them know what we have learned. Matt (our guy) studied the situation over the weekend and is doing some of the changes himself based on your recommendations. This way he knows that it is getting done. I will be contacting Links and have them remove the "spam" and let Matt continue to work on getting rid of duplicate pages.
Thank you again Matt!

--Sari Kuhn

Matthew Perosi - BIG CHEESE

All we have to say about you and your work is this:



We would like to individually introduce you as our mentor at the shareholder meeting and if asked, fell free to talk about your greatness at that time.

Do your employees know they work with a living legend???

AmeriWorks Financial Services, Inc
Stock Symbol AWKS

(This was in response to the presentation of the all encompassing internet marketing, mobile technologies and press release timing set conceived and implemented by Matthew Perosi. The company wanted to impress their shareholders within 60 days of initially going public.)

I have known Matt at least 12 years. He took my comapny [IJO] from a paper pushing company to an electronic paperless company. He created and designed all of our websites which included both B to B and B to C types. He designed websites for many of our members, tying in all of headquarters promotions. He's a good guy.
--Richard Swetz
Independent Jeweler Organization (IJO)

(Owner of the Independent Jeweler Organization at the time was conceived and implemented by Matthew Perosi.)

His attention to detail far exceeded our expectations. Quick service, problem solving skills and forward thinking is number one.
--Candace Kennedy
Ethnic Technologies

Matt is the first person I turn to whenever I have a website need, question, or am searching for a creative solution to site design, marketing, SEO implementation, etc. He is constantly updating information and keeps abreast of-- or ahead of-- current trends. His programming is...well...amazing. He continually develops new, user-friendly, cutting edge solutions and is uniquely capable of teaching what he knows-- something that many talented web programmers cannot do. He is bright, personable, articulate and immensely talented in his field.
--Kathleen Kellaigh
Action Theatre Conservatory